Saturday, September 8, 2007


Kevin Coughlin's team has already provided a foreshadowing of its unique brand of two-faced leadership in its endorsement of Democrat Andy Padrutt for Mayor of Green over Republican Dick Norton.

After helping Padrutt circulate petitions for a convict (, Coughlin backer and Arshinkoff detractor David Reilly ( joined a group of registered Republicans in endorsing Padrutt in a misleading mailer (attached below) sent to registered Republicans in the City of Green.

Some of you may remember Padrutt - the former Executive Director of the Democratic Party and a DUI convict. The Beacon Journal wrote this about him:

Akron Beacon Journal

December 11,


A former Summit County Democratic Party head will spend three days in
Glenwood Jail, lose his driver's license for six months and pay $400 in fines
for driving under the influence last spring.Andrew Padrutt received his sentence Friday in Akron Municipal Court.Padrutt, 24, was convicted Nov. 10 after a one-day trial. In addition to the jury finding him guilty of DUI, visiting Judge Joyce George found Padrutt guilty of impeding the flow of traffic and not wearing a seat belt.

The week after his conviction, Padrutt said he would resign as Democratic Party executive director. Party officials said he stepped down to focus on finishing college and that his leaving had nothing to do with his court case.

He had been executive director since March 2002. He was the first person to hold the position.Padrutt's other political work includes being a Green city councilman.The drunken-driving incident occurred in the early morning hours
April 9.

At trial, prosecutors argued Padrutt was drunk after swigging beers with other young Democrats at an East Exchange Street pub. The drinking caused him to fall asleep at a traffic light at Exchange Street and Hawkins Avenue, prosecutors said.Padrutt's defense was that he wasn't intoxicated but exhausted from his many political duties.

Coughlin's brand of leadership emerges - Surround yourself with weak Democrat-leaning Republicans and tell everyone that you're the most conservative person on the face of the earth. We suppose that Kevin's theory is that if you ignore the truth, believe your own propaganda and repeat it enough times the public may believe it.

Summit County's Republican faithful know better.


UBOZO said...

David Reilly was, is and will always be an insecure, two-faced, hypocrite deuchebag. Citizens of Green did not re-elect him as a sitting council president because: 1) he was insincere 2) he revealed shallow depth of character. 3) was ineffective in a leadership position. Reilly is a consummate opportunist who likely hopes Padrutt will appoint him to a city job, since keeping real job is not his strong suit. "Republican Activist"? (Reilly's tag on Padrutt's 'Dear Republican' mailer.)...What? How about "Dem-Enabler-Clown"? Keep riding the Coughlin-Kostoff trainwreck David. Better yet, take the wheel.

Anonymous said...

More shots in the dark. The nice thing about his team under wraps is that you have no idea who's really on it.

None of the people here are. Keep playing your guessing game, morons.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love how Coughlin can't answer the critique that his campaign is all smoke and mirrors?? When you point out the liberal leanings of his supporters, he says, "no there not it". Does he say who's on his team??? NEVER - BECAUSE IT'S JUST HIM AND A COUPLE WEAK SISTERS!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question,

Who is shorter, Coughlin or Reilly?

Judging by the most recent pictures, Reilly has put on some weight since his divorce. No wonder his wife canned him like the City of Green voters did!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH That hairy little Napoleanic douchebag Coughlin called us morons!!!!

I'm going to go tell my Dad!!! Oh wait, Dad hates my guts and won't acknowledge my existence, No wonder I'm a douche.

Anonymous said...

Leave Coughlin alone! Isn't it enough his Dad hates his guts?

Anonymous said...

I hear the Ethjics Commission is investigating Coughlin for his use of Tom Noe's Florida condo. Wonder what else is out there for him?

Anonymous said...

No. Coughlin never stayed at Noe's Florida condo. He just took Noe's money. Get your facts straight.