Monday, September 17, 2007

Lies... Damn Lies... And... Well... Kevin Coughlin...

Although it's harvest time here in Summit County, it appears that our good Senator Kevin Coughlin has his seasons confused and he has his manure spreader on high.

What's the latest tall-tale you might ask. Well grab your waders. This one comes right from his own personal Pravda, Let's just take a couple piles of Kevin's manure, road apple by road apple.

Road Apple #1 - The Republican Party will give the Democrats the Summit County Sheriff's office (an office the GOP currently holds) AND the County Executive AND the County Prosecutor - Apparently, unlike Bill Clinton, the folks at the Coughlin camp are inhaling - HEAVILY. This is plain WRONG.

Road Apple #2 - The Democrats will allow the GOP to win the Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Clerk of Courts race. - Who really thinks that the Democrats will give up a patronage base they have had for DECADES. We think the Coughlin folks have been drinking a little too much of their mediocrity cool aide. This is another LOSER.

Road Apple #3 - The Democrats will allow the GOP to win the Green mayor's race in 2007. - Now this is a great way to discount Dick Norton's strong showing in the September primary. If you believe this, we have some swamp land in the Portage Lakes to sell you folks. Andy Padrutt, the Democrat in this race, has been campaigning for this office since he was in preschool. Moreso, Kevin's own folks have been working with the Democrat Padrutt. This is one hot mess from the Coughlin folks that's too out there to believe. WRONG, Kevin. The word is WRONG.

Road Apple #4 - Republicans will also get the two new common pleas judgeships that will appear on the ballot in 2008. - When you manure the fields you have to be careful. Too much compost and you'll burn your plants roots. There's so much dung in the Coughlin camp that nothing is going to grow there for decades. Kevin, you're WRONG four for four.

Road Apple #5 - Arshinkoff avoids fielding candidates in expensive races in order to finance his opulent lifestyle and bloated headquarters overhead. - This is why the Summit County Republican Party has a strong and funded candidate in every race it can win in 2007. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper. And, you're still WRONG, Kevin.

What the Summit County Republican Party Already Does - "Our party should educate the public on Democratic corruption, incompetence, and loony leftism, where appropriate. And it should strive to field qualified candidates in every race." - Kevin, We couldn't have said it better. You've stated everything we do year in and year out. By the way, right now, you're in the lead for the head of the "loony left."

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